Thursday, March 26, 2009

still working at it

So a while back I was to be joining in with this group of bloggers on their journey's to a smaller size.
Well it seems as if something always got in my way of doing a post. I also for sometime wanted to create a blog that was specific to my weight loss. Well ladies the day has finally arrived. I got to it.
I have been working out and having small successes. I am able to run a full 5K w/o stopping! That is HUGE! I started to Jazzercise and guess what I LOVE it! I remember my mom and her friends doing this at the roller rink when I lived in Tucson growing up. Funny how everything is recycled.
I am walking the dog more....she loves it as she has gone from number 1 baby to being....well, just the dog.

While I wont post any real numbers I will say that I am seeing more body changes than actual changes on the scale. So maybe there is hope.

I am also involved in a neighborhood competition to lose weight, which has turned into a great way to actually meet my neighbors.

So basically this is my first post at my weight loss blog but it wont be my last.
Hopefully next week I will post some digits.....after all I am just a wife, mother, daughter, friend who's thirty something looking to lose thirty something on the road 2 single digit jeans.

See ya next week!