Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One year.

Today marked the one year mark for my first surgery.

I felt kinda strange the days leading up to this day. Nothing like last year.

Today I have to admit I was kinda emotional.

Recently I spent a few days in the hospital and was reminded of just how special this J pouch is to me. Meaning, I was told that I had a small obstruction....all I could think of was losing my j pouch. I probably freaked out way too soon but if you can remember I had this surgery NOT because of my colitis being out of control but because of potential cancer....then having cancer the hole idea of having yet another surgery or going back to life with the appliance came rushing back to me. Praises! Things seemed to resolve in my inner most areas and I was out by the weekend.

A year ago I was walking a dark path. Thankfully I was blessed to be guided out of it.
Sometimes I think of this past year and realize all that was revealed to me.

God's grace, strengthening relationships, maternal love (my mom is AMAZING), true friendships, children and resilience and just the amount of pain one person can take....emotional and physical. Thank goodness for God, family and great friends.

Truly this past year would have been different without that trio.

Here's to many more years of celebrating being cancer free and j pouch in tact.