Sunday, June 14, 2009

changing directions

So this blog was to be my journey to single digit jeans but now it is taking a dramatic turn.
I have posted twice on my other me in the clubhouse about some recent drama in my life. I feel like the further I travel down this road I have been led to I will need an alternate outlet. I want my other blog to be this happy place about my babies. This blog might get a little dark due to what I am going to be dealing with in my future. I am sure that I will update my clubhouse readers about what is happening but for now this will be the place with all the dirt.
So if you want to know about the drama please go here and then here. For more drama, stay tuned to this blog. All I ask is that you offer up some positive vibes if that is your thing or remember me in prayer if that is how you like to do it. I thank you in advance.

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  1. Hi, I'm Missy's friend, Nicole. I just got an email from her about you. I had ulcerative (pan) colitis for 10 years, had been on many medications and steroids, and the flare-ups got worse and worse until I was bleeding so bad, I was in the hospital for over a month. I had my entire colon and rectum removed, and got an illeostomy. The procedure for people to get j-pouches is usually 2-3 months. My surgery was so invasive, that I had to do it over a period of 2 years. Had my first surgery in 2000, my second surgery in 2001, and my third surgery in 2002. Since then, I've been in the hospital with pouchitis once, and blockages (food or air) a few times. I haven't been in the hospital now since winter of 2007. I love the j-pouch. It saved my life. It sucked having to have an illeostomy, but hey, I was still alive. That is what is most important. I totally understand all of your concerns. I would love to help you through this, if you'd like, okay? My prayers are with you. You will get through this. Nicole
    (Here is my email address: