Wednesday, May 4, 2011

So a while back....

A while back I had posted about something in/on my lungs that the oncologist had wanted a repeat xray as a follow up from my dehydration stay at the hospital back in November. Well....well I was to get it done in February and that month was taken over by house hold sickness including me. Than March came and went and before I knew it, it was April. So in April I got a call saying to go do the xray and add a CT scan as well. Now the CT scan is routine for following that tiny bit of rectum that is still left. Want to make sure that little guy in there stays cancer free!

So now we wait for word. While I was waiting I apparently missed, as I had forgotten all about my appointment with the doctor yesterday. Yep, yesterday I would have had news from those two reports....sometimes I would like to still blame my forgetfulness on the anathesia drugs. But reality is....I just plain forgot....that's what you get for not flipping the calender!

So they were kind enough to set me up for a visit next Tuesday. I asked about the results and of course the scheduler couldnt say a word. So I wait....and yes, I've got it marked on the calendar that is now turned to May.

May your May be full of blessings!

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