Thursday, January 6, 2011

Almost at a year

As I booked a check up with Dr. H yesterday the feelings of how anxious I was last year flooded my mind. I was so very anxious for the take down surgery. I am so ready to stop wearing the appliance on my side. I was nervous that in a few weeks I would no longer have a home health care nurse. I had to survive the last two weeks w/o Rose and it was a nervous time for me. That bag and stoma can be tricky. But mostly I was fixed on counting down the days till the second surgery.

Soon it will be a year from that surgery and week stay at the lovely St. Luke's Hospital.

I can tell you that it is not romantic to spend your valentine's day in the hospital. But I was however very relieved that I was put together and working on learning the new me.
Romance had all but been put off to the way side during this time in our life. I suppose, love took on a different meaning.

So my next check up will be exactly one day after the year mark for my take down surgery.
I am hopeful that the check up will show that the jpouch is working as it should and is holding up nicely. I am very happy with it and hope to never have to trade it in.

Am I anxious about this appointment. Well, yes. Yes, I am.
I can tell you that it is never fun to have some one check out your "butt" in the manner that Dr. H. does. So anxious. Yes. But happy that all is mending well as far as I am aware.

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  1. Well congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! :) I sometimes like to take a vicaden just before going in to the check-ups with my surgeon. It calms me a bit, and cuts the pain just a little. Yuck!! I hate the scoping!! (although, I'd put up with it any day of the week instead of living with my colitis again!) Thanks for checkin up on me. How about I promise a full update sometime in the next week. I was just in the hospital for a couple days this past week. I have been doing small update "notes" on my facebook profile for my close family and friends, but I know I really need to update my blog. Whenever I think about it, it feels overwhelming, because I have put it of for so long and I know it will probably take me a couple hours (because I am so picky). :) No excuses though :) I am doing pretty well. This baby is taking alot from me, and my body is not handling pregnancy well. Baby is fine though, and I only have about 5-6 weeks left till my doctor takes him. I can't wait for the day! My friend is taking some pregnancy pics of me today so I can give them to my hubby for Valentines. I will post a couple of those so you can see how huge I have gotten :) haha. You take care! Thanks again for modivating me, and for simply careing!