Tuesday, January 11, 2011

did I mention

So did I mention that when I was in the hospital in November I was diagnosed with pneumonia?

Well I didn't have it but was treated for it. Apparently they found a area of interest on my lungs.

Hello I was in pain and couldn't breathe...hence the area of interest.

Oh well. I had a follow up x-ray done at the end of NOVEMBER and just found out today that I have to have a follow up x-ray done first of next month.

I asked "why?"

Well I was told...."it's nothing to worry about."

I said so than "why am I having another x-ray?"

The reason given. "to see if the infiltrate has corrected itself."

Ugh, "infiltrate?"

Yes. But "nothing to worry about."

So I guess they didn't realize that "worry" is my middle name.

Stay tuned.

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